Silver Star Sheriff of Outlaw Labs

Sheriff is our handsome Silver stud who has proven to be an amazing sire of our litters. He has an incredible drive to hunt and loves to go for a ride; truck, tractor, quad, side by side, or boat.  If it’s moving, he’s comin’ along!  Sheriff has the American Lab build and is very athletic.

Smokingun’s Outlaw Oakley

Oakley is a Charcoal Female who has grown into a beautiful girl who gets much attention due to her stunning features.  She has retired from our breeding program but continues to oversee everyone, especially all arriving puppies. Oakley is a very loyal girl and can be found wherever Jen is.

Grit and Grace of Outlaw Labs

Gracie is the sweetest of Silver girls who has won the hearts of many who come to see her due to her gentle and loving disposition.  A few of her pups have gone on to be therapy dogs; due in part to her calm and quiet nature that has passed on to her babies.  She is an excellent mom, providing many of our Outlaw families with beautiful silver pups. 

Silver Bullet’s Indiana Marshal of Outlaw Labs

Marshal is our Silver male from Indiana. A wonderful young male with tons of drive and great temperament.  He is very loving and enjoys curling up on the shop couch with Billy, as well as being ready to go play fetch at a moment’s notice.  He has sired handsome pups and we continue to look forward to seeing the future pups he has with our silver and charcoal females.  

Outlaws’ Ellie

Ellie is such a great companion – she just wants to hang out with her family, no matter what they are doing. She loves to go for rides and hang out on the shop couch with her favorite human, Billy. Ellie has had a couple of litters of charcoal and silver pups and has turned out to be a wonderful mom to her babies.

NorthPeaceCountry Silver Teal

Meet sweet Silver Teal. Don’t be fooled by her name (Billy named her after a duck!) – Teal is a charcoal girl who came to us from High Level, AB and has quickly worked her way into our hearts. Teal has a playful personality and can usually be found packing a bone, foodbowl, or stick around with her wherever she goes!  She loves to stretch out on the couch whenever she comes in for a visit and welcomes everyone who comes to see her

Outlaw’s Nola

We were given the opportunity to bring home one of our own silver pups from Sheriff and Gracie, who’s owner was moving out of the country. Nola’s name means “Fair Shoulder” – a fitting name for this pretty, light silver girl. Nola is a great mix of her parents – she loves to fetch, chase down scents and ride in anything that moves like her daddy Sheriff, and has a sweet, loving personality like her momma, Gracie.



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