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Please contact us for information on upcoming litters.

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"Well, we have had Rykka with us for almost a year and I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying her.  She is a sweet girl with lots of energy.  True to her breed; she loves the water, fetching and playing keep away with other dogs.  She is gentle with our old dog, although he sometimes has to remind her of her place, and is eager to please the humans in her life.

We have done a lot of traveling over the past few months and she has fit into that routine easily.  We often get compliments on what a beautiful dog she is." - Margaret
"Beautiful Emma, 1 year old already. She was very easy to train for toilette and truly turned out from day one to be the best puppy. She is mild tempered and is always by our family's side. From day one she has been amazing with the kids. She is defiantly an amazing dog. We will for sure be looking at a second one in the future.  Thank you so much for having been a good start to our puppy's life:)" - Roxanne